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Tabadol Kar Ind. Co. Ltd. Is one of the leading coils manufacturing companies in iran. The company was established in 1971 and has been active since then. The main products of the company are as follows:
1- Cooling and heating coils including water heating and cooling coils, Dx evaporators and air-cooled condensers.
2- Air handing units.
3- Shell & Tube heat exchangers.
4- Cooling towers both with metal or fiberglass structure with wood or plastic packing.
5- Cold room refrigeration packages.
6- Calculation software:
    a) Cold room cooling load calculation and equipment selection.
    b) Refrigeration cycle balancing with screw and reciprocating compressors.
    c) Psychrometry for air handling units with psychrometric chart.
7- Digital pressure control for refrigeration systems(more information in Products).
The quality management system of Tabadol-Kar Ind. Co. Ltd. Has been approved by LIoyd’s Register Quality Assurance to ISO9001:2008